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Step through the looking glass of innovation and into a world where the ordinary bounds of the restaurant business are but a distant memory.

In this whimsical realm of profitable possibilities, we present to you a brand new trio of magical beverages — Grow[me], Shrink[me], and Count[me] — all crafted to turn mundane back-office tasks into an adventure for restaurant operators everywhere. 

You may be thinking, "Why is my restaurant management system entering the zero-proof drink space?" Well, to that we say that these three new drink offerings are yet another extension of our dedication to making the magic of running a restaurant just a little easier. And what's easier than cracking open a cold one and letting the magic happen for you?

Feeling curiouser and curiouser? Learn more below!




Descend into the rabbit hole of opportunity with Grow[me], a concoction so potent, that it balloons your profits with just one gulp. It is more than just a libation — it's an investment in your growing financial wonderland. Don't be late for this very important date with prosperity!




Back-office tasks got you feeling as mad as a Hatter? Shrink the time you spend tethered to them with Shrink[me]. Gain back the freedom to spend more time doing what you love to do like taking care of guests and supporting your team. One sip vanishes hours of laborious tedium from tasks like hand-coding invoices, making orders and wondering why in the world someone ordered a miniature hooka. 




Do liquor inventory counts leave your head feeling like it's about to be off? With Count[me], you can leave your counting woes at the (impossibly small) door. One swig will have your rail counted swifter than a March hare changing seats at a tea party. Other beverages make empty promises, leaving you angrier than a queen with red-painted roses, but not ours! Count[me] will have you grinning like a cat. 

Juuuuust kidding, April Fools! While we don't have magical drinks that make running a restaurant magically easier, we do have some incredible tools that can help including the newest product in our repertoire: Freepour by MarginEdge takes your liquor inventory down from hours to minutes. We're talking 20 bottles per minute!

Our 2-in-1 scale and scanner makes it quicker and weigh more accurate to count partial bottles. It's so easy to use, you can weigh your rail on a nightly basis and get incredibly accurate theoreticals. Now that's a dream we can all get behind.