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Release Notes | November 2023

We’re feeling very grateful this month – especially for November’s new features. So get your napkins ready as this release is stuffed with updates you’ll want to save room for.🦃

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What’s in our November release cornucopia:

  • Record and track loss with Waste Log

  • Our new Lightspeed Restaurant (K Series) integration

  • Our first push notification for your invoicing workflow

  • The ability to reassign Vendor Items for Multi-units

  • Our Kitchen Display tool got a new name

This list is just an appetizer, so grab those stretchy pants and keep on reading below to learn more about all the goodness we’ve brought to the table for you.

We hope you have a bountiful November and will see you next month!

With thanks,


Nov release note gif-mobile-2Introducing: Waste Log!

Waste Log is our latest easy-to-use tool that can record and track waste from both raw products and completed menu items, minimizing overall loss and maximizing profitability. Learn more.

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Say hello to Lightspeed K Series

Lightspeed is now part of our ever-growing list of POS integrations. For a full list of our current integrations, you can click here.

Nov release note gif-mobile copy

Enable push notifications for invoice updates

Big news for everyone using invoice approval rules! Now you can get a push notification alert when processed invoices are ready for your approval – think of it as having your own personal invoicing assistant in your pocket! Show [me] more!

Copy of Nov release note gifNew for multi-units: Edit all your vendor items in one place

You can now reassign your vendor items to a new or existing product for all locations – all on one page and with fewer clicks! Show [me] more!

Nov release note gif

Kitchen Display is now Recipe Viewer

Let [me] reintroduce you to Recipe Viewer (you may have already met)! Perfect for helping train kitchen staff and infusing consistency in every dish. Same great tool, just with a new name.

Tip of the month

Do you receive invoices for rent, bills, repair services, or even small items like screws and duct tape?

Use our manual category-level feature for these types of invoices. This allows you to create clean and efficient invoices for specific categories without creating unnecessary products that can clog your system. These invoices are processed instantly so you can pay your vendors within minutes, bypassing the standard 24 to 48-hour processing time. Show [me] more!



What's new with [me]

🥪 During our most recent leadership offsite, our management team got together to make sandwiches and trail mix lunches for a local charity. Food and philanthropy - a perfect combo!


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