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A look at restaurant sales numbers from the Dallas Metro Area


Food (27%), beer (23%) and liquor (19%) costs as a percentage of sales all decreased in February across the Dallas Metro Area compared to the month prior. Wine was the lone exception, with costs rising to 35% of sales.

In-house delivery saw a dip in the DFW area compared to last month, accounting for 11.9% of sales. This compares to 12.5% nationally.

There was a small bump in median daily sales last quarter ($5,089) compared to the quarter prior ($4,971). It will be interesting to see what the final numbers will look like when we close out this quarter in a couple weeks.

We also took a look at national trends for ingredient prices. Produce dominated the price droppers list with celery, broccoli, red leaf lettuce, and green onions all dropping in price by more than 20%. Sesame bagels saw the biggest price increase, jumping 56%.

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