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Full Service and Fast Casual DMV restaurants in August showed strong sales growth.

Sales for both segments ended the month of August on a high, bringing summer to a close with some great news! 

Across a 7-day moving average, Fast Casual ended the month at 4% growth compared to the same time last year and peaked during the second to last week of the month at roughly 8%. Full Service ended on a high with  2% compared to last year's sales, following a very strong positive trajectory during the last half of the month. 

Delivery sales stayed the same last month for the DMV (at 11%) and slightly came down nationwide to 12%. 

Between Full Service's strong positive trend and Fast Casual's very stable positive growth over the summer months, DMV restaurant sales are looking great as we head into the end of the year. 

We'll see you in October!

DMV by segement AUG 23-1

DMV deliver AUG 23

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