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December brings the gift of positive sales growth to DMV restaurants

The holiday season is a busy time for restaurants and December 2022 was no exception for DMV restaurants. After months of sustained but modest growth, December finally showed the boost we've all been rooting for.

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Full Service's year-over-year monthly sales showed an impressive 15% growth for the month of December, the most we've seen since this past summer. Fast Casual continued its positive trend, ending up at 5% - roughly equal to the past three month's growth.

When broken down by segment across a 7-day moving average, both Fast Casual and Full Service showed great sales the last week of December. Full Service ended up on top at the end of the month with 29%. Fast Casual also showed encouraging growth, ending at 9%.

Overall sales ended up at a 25% increase, exactly the type of numbers we want to see going into the new year!

In-house delivery sales decreased last month for both the DMV (at 10%) and nation-wide (at 12%). This is really encouraging, even given the extra cold weather impacting the last week of the year.

See you in February!

DMV MVA Dec 22

DMV all sales Dec 22-1

DMV by segement Dec 22-1

DMV deliver Dec 22

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