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July brought strong mid-month sales for DMV restaurants

Fast Casual continued its growth trend during July, showing consistent sales throughout the month. 

Across a 7-day moving average, Fast Casual ended the month at 6% growth compared to the same time last year and peaked near the middle of the month around 8%. Full Service saw a very strong mid-month, peaking around 6% before ending the month net neutral with last year's sales. 

Delivery sales stayed the same last month for the DMV (at 11%) and bumped up nominally nation-wide to 13%. 

You might notice we've paired down our sales charts this month, and this decision was made so that we continue to provide data that is relevant to the industry at large. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions on other data you're interested in seeing, please reach out!

See you in September!

DMV by segement jul 23

DMV deliver jul 23

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