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Without jinxing it, looks like April continued our 2022 trend of relative year over year stability for national restaurant sales. Food costs even showed a slight dip compared to last quarter, which is a welcome reprieve.

Rhubarb dominated the Movers board for April, while romaine lettuce and hearts, two of March's leafy leaders, came back down from their price increases and made it onto our April Droppers board.

Overall the numbers are still stable and positive, even compared year over year to the flood of sales restaurants experienced with the vaccine roll outs in April 2021.

We hope that May's weather warm up brings these numbers up even higher, and wish everyone a successful and smooth Mother's Day.


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April Price Movers


April Price Droppers


April FBWL Costs as Percentage of Sales


April YOY Restaurant Sales by Segment


April YOY Overall Restaurant Sales


April YOY Regional View



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