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August was hot, but not as hot as these hot off the press sales numbers! 

Not one, but two types of potatoes dominated the Movers chart for August. And good news for any millennials (or sushi joints) out there that Hass avocados made it onto the Droppers list. 

While food and beverage costs ticked slightly up from last month, they're still lower than Q2 of this year, with food costs topping out at 32% of sales.

Fast Casual stayed consistent with July's numbers, ending up at 12% again and Full Service ended up at 20%. Overall sales across the country ended the month at 18% up from August 2021.  

September will be an interesting month and we're crossing our fingers that things stay positive amid talks of more potential supply chain disruptions. The good news is that we're quickly approaching the holiday season and the sales boosts that time brings!


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Price movers August 22


Price dropper August 22


FBWL Aug 22


Overall sales by segment August 22


Overall sales August 22


Overall YOY Regional August 22



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