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February 2024 national restaurant sales and top price movers and droppers are in!   

Fast Casual ended the month with +3% growth compared to February 2023's numbers and Full Service ended with -1%. 

Dried seaweed topped our Droppers list at an average -53% price drop across MarginEdge customers in February (great news for all the sushi joints out there), while fresh Epazote rose +39% to the top of our Movers list. Eggs once again made their way onto our Movers list, a little too reminiscent of the steep price increases early last year. February's numbers aren't quite so crazy (phew), but still give us cause to keep our eyes on.  

The average food category costs as a percentage of sales decreased slightly from last month for MarginEdge customers, with food costs averaging 29% of sales.

Regionally, the Midwest, West and Northeast ended the month with some powerful positive growth - always something to celebrate. 

St. Paddy's day is on the way, along with some hopefully warmer weather for March, so we're wishing you all the luck of the Irish for a busy month. We'll see you in April!

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Price dropper FEB 24


Price movers FEB 24-1




Overall sales by segment FEB 24


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