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Restaurant sales for both segments made a strong comeback during the last week of September.

Fast Casual beat out Full Service once again, with sales ending equal to September 2022's numbers and Full Service ending not far behind at -1%. Both segments saw a strong positive trajectory during the last week, with Full Service sales increasing 5% points.

Move over, Chayote Squash. Kabocha Squash reigned supreme as the top price Droppers this September, with an average -67% price drop for MarginEdge customers. On the other side of the price spectrum, Green Onions knocked out every other product with a whopping 60% average price increase last month, topping our Movers list. 

Food, beer, wine and liquor average category costs as a percentage of sales decreased from last month for MarginEdge customers in September, with food costs averaging 28% of sales.

Across the nation, the South was the highest-performing region ending September at 2% sales growth compared to 2022.

Wishing you all strong Octobers as we prep and head into the busy season and holidays!

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