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July's sales numbers are here and they thankfully don't look too different from June's numbers. Let's hear it for stability! 

Rockfish made it to the top of our Movers list, followed by crawfish, which just rang in its third month in a top five spot. If we look at the average price of crawfish from July 2021, the price per pound has increased 15% compared to today so seasonal swings are most likely at play. 

Love to see our food and beverage costs % cool off a little this month. Hopefully that means that either sales are up or costs are down - or better yet both - but we hope to see the trend continue. Also worth recognizing that cooling off when it's a blazing inferno of costs means that it's still hot out there - so here's hoping the cooling continues this month!

National sales are still positive and by segment we see them broken down with 24% up for Full Service and 12% up for Fast Casual. 

Looking forward to seeing what August looks like and crossing our fingers that things remain positive through the end of the summer.


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July Price Movers


July Price Droppers


July FBWL Costs as Percentage of Sales


July YOY Restaurant Sales by Segment


July YOY Overall Restaurant Sales


July YOY Regional View



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