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June's national sales numbers are here!

Both Fast Casual and Full Service ended just below May's metrics but still higher than this time last year. The further we get into 2022, the less "down" these numbers will appear as we're still coming off of last year's summer boom. While we know a lot of that hasn't made it to the bottom line due to rising costs across the board, we still love to see the year over year growth.

Boneless/skinless chicken breasts topped our Movers board for June, and we love to see limes making it once again onto our June Droppers board. Perfect timing for all those summer citrus-based dishes and drinks.

FBWL costs remained stable as well compared to May, so while I know we're all feeling inflation, it seems to not be making a huge impact on these numbers. Like I said last month, we'll take stable over down anytime. 

If there's a metrics you're interested in seeing, please let us know! Hoping everyone can stay cool and stay profitable as the summer heats up.


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