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 National restaurant sales metrics for May 2024 are in!   

Full Service and Fast Casual ended the month -2% down from May 2023's numbers. 

White asparagus topped our Droppers list with an average -57% price drop across MarginEdge customers in May, followed by white onions (April's biggest dropper). Snow peas rose +36% to the top of our Movers list. Chili peppers are still making their mark on our Movers list.

And while they didn't make the cut for the top five, we're happy to report whole egg costs were down -13% on average last month. 

The average food category costs as a percentage of sales decreased for MarginEdge customers last month, with food costs averaging 28% of sales. 

Regionally, the Midwest ended the month with positive growth thanks to Memorial Day Weekend sales.

See you next month!

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Price dropper May 24


Price movers May 24




Overall sales by segment MAY 24


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