The Secret Sauce for Your Restaurant Practice

MarginEdge automates the AP and sales entry process, so you can spend more time adding value and less time on paperwork.

Why become a MarginEdge partner?

You’ll enjoy an advanced A/P and sales entry automation platform, and your restaurant clients get a powerful operations management tool. Benefits to you include:

  • Elimination of hours of data entry
  • Improved profitability per client
  • Generous wholesale pricing
  • Central login to manage all clients
  • Free, unlimited setup and training

Seamless Accounting & POS Integrations

MarginEdge integrates with accounting and POS software you and your clients already use. The result is seamless sales entry and invoice processing, accurate data, and a whole lot of time and money saved — for you and your clients.

Total game changer! MarginEdge has transformed the endless piles of paper. The whole platform allows you to spend far less time on paperwork and data entry and focus on the real restaurant operations numbers.

Kelly S.

CPA, Multiple Restaurant Concepts

There is no way an accountant can do everything that MarginEdge does for the same price and accuracy, nor should they want to. Highly recommend!!!

Raffi Y.

Managing Principal, RY CPA, Multiple Restaurant Groups

Sure, accountants love us, but so do restaurants.

Your restaurant clients will love you for introducing a platform that delivers:

Reduced paperwork headaches, cloud-based invoice access

Ingredient price movement visibility and alerts

Real-time insights into food and beverage costs

Auto-updating purchasing, inventory and recipe pricing

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