Automate A/P and Sales Entry

MarginEdge can drastically improve profitability for your accounting firm and for your restaurant clients. It’s a win-win!

Invoices processed with line-item detail in 24-48 hours and with increased accuracy over OCR

Integration with POS and accounting systems for seamless sales entry

One central location to manage all your clients

Free and unlimited training and support

Generous wholesale pricing exclusively for accountants

Tools for your restaurant clients to improve efficiencies

“There is no way an accountant can do everything that MarginEdge can for the same price and accuracy, nor should they want to.”

– Raffi Yousefian, CPA
Managing Partner, RY CPAs


Seamless Accounting & POS Integrations

MarginEdge integrates with accounting and POS software you and your clients already use.


How does automated invoice processing work?

You won’t need to hand-enter or code invoices ever again.

We make it easy to get us invoices in any format

  • Using our mobile app, quickly send one invoice or dozens
  • Or you can scan/email them to us, or integrate with EDI — however
    they come!
  • Send us everything — credit memos, petty cash receipts, service
  • All invoices will be stored in the cloud for instant access
  • Send us as many as you’d like! One flat fee covers unlimited invoices

We capture and code all line items

  • We have real people processing your invoices, so hand-written notes and adjustments are no problem
  • We handle all different file formats… jpg, pdf, png, etc.
  • We use GL account codes and your coding rules
  • We relate vendor items to products — never deal with SKU assignments
    categorizations, or unit conversions
  • We capture payment info (ACH, check, credit card, or petty cash)

Within 24-48 hours, invoices are digital

  • All A/P information auto-syncs to the accounting system
  • Review and approve invoices before sending, if desired
  • Use Bill Pay to manage vendor payments
  • Recipes and inventory prices update automatically
  • Integration with the restaurant’s POS means access to live food

Spend more time delivering high impact services for your clients