With MarginEdge, address critical issues that need your attention now (not after the period has ended). See live food and beverage costs, track how you’re doing against budget, easily compare locations and see actual vs. theoretical ingredient usage.

Daily P&L

With sales and purchases importing automatically, track your controllable P&L throughout the period. Inventory changes are factored in as soon as counts are done, whether daily, monthly or both.


Set cost targets as a percentage of your dollar cost for key categories, and use fixed dollar targets for others. Drill down to see invoice detail or closed inventories to identify what’s really driving the numbers.

Compare locations

Get an overall picture of your business operations – see all locations at a glance, and compare them by total budget or category budget. See who’s crushing it and who’s not – and let your managers know where they rank compared to their peers.

Theoretical vs. actual

Want to see how much salmon you actually used compared to the plates sold? Are you serving drinks on the generous side? Track theoretical compared to actual usage of all ingredients, including food/beverage or liquor, and make sure nothing is taking a bite out of profits.

Get ahead of the trends

Don’t be surprised by price movements that sneak up on your profits. Easy-to-read price movers charts show you what’s happening with your vendor pricing. Plus, configure custom alerts to email you when key ingredient prices change.

In Practice

Find out how The Tavern at Ivy City Smokehouse uses MarginEdge to boost their bottom line and gain new insights into food and liquor costs.

What People are Saying

Nate B.

Director of Finance, Clover Food Lab

“We’ve materially improved our COGS thanks to MarginEdge and improved visibility into everything we’re buying down to the ingredient level.”

Greg C.

Owner Tony & Joe’s / Tavern at Ivy City Smokehouse

“Just the first year we used MarginEdge, we saved about 2% of gross. That’s big money, which makes me a big fan of MarginEdge.”

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