Finally, an intuitive cloud-based recipe management tool – one central solution to develop, cost, share, prepare, scale, train.

Recipe prices update automatically

Thanks to daily invoice processing, ingredient prices are always up-to-date, so your recipe costs are always up-to-date. Easy and intuitive charts show you price movements, so you can see the impact of price movements real-time.

Plate costs, now!

Set your menu prices and always know the plate costs for everything you serve. Quickly spot items with shrinking margins . . . why keep a favorite on the menu if it’s not making a profit?! Run what-if scenarios anytime to see how to make the menu work better.

Work from a single, shared playbook

If you’re running a restaurant group, how do you share recipes? What about when you want to adjust an ingredient? With MarginEdge, it’s simple: update a recipe once, and the whole team has access immediately. You control how recipes are shared – to one location, all or a select few.

In Practice

Find out how Old Ebbitt Grill transformed recipe management and streamlined daily use with MarginEdge.

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Recipes in action

Only one person knows how to make the potato salad?! Those days are over. With MarginEdge, bring a new level of consistency to your kitchen prep and plating. No more paper recipes, binders, lost recipes or guessing. With our kitchen display viewer, see and use recipes in the kitchen, and as soon as a recipe is changed, it’s immediately live on the line in all locations.

Rewriting recipe rules

  1. Simple interface and navigation; easy to search by ingredients or allergens.
  2. Cloud-based so recipes are standardized and consistent across all locations.
  3. Quickly drill down to prep recipes within a plate or within other prep recipes.
  4. Easily print recipes or recipe cards if needed for training purposes.

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