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We may have just recently set the clocks back, but our development team keeps leaping forward. Please read on for Product Release Notes highlighting some new features & improvements around Bill Pay, Recipes, Ordering and more!

As always, if you want to review these or prior notes, you can access them at the top of our ME Help Site alongside details about all the ongoing weekly training opportunities for you + your team (always free, unlimited and live!)

Bill Pay:

  • View Invoice Images – Now, when on the Bill Pay screen, with just one click you can view all the invoice images for a vendor (this is similar to how you can view lots of invoices at once from the Category Report screen).


  • One Product – Multiple Categories – You use some products in different ways, like lemons in the bar and in the kitchen. Now you can specify multiple categories and %’s (e.g. Food 50% & Bar Supplies 50%) so inventory and usage costs for a product can be split across categories.
  • Inventory Date Verification – You’ve stayed up so late doing inventory you barely know what day it is. We’ve got you covered. When picking the date for a new inventory count, if you try to use a date that isn’t your end of the period we’ll throw a flag to warn you and have you verify the date.


  • Shelf-life – Nothing lasts forever! Now you can add shelf-life details (using hours, days, weeks) for all of your Prep Recipes.
  • Recipe Access Restrictions – Recipes can now be designated as central (all related units) or local (single unit only). Great for helping stay organized within concepts where some recipes are unique to certain locations.


  • Retiring Sent Orders – Nothing lasts forever, Part2. “Sent” online orders not matched to an invoice don’t have to live forever. Now, they will be retired if another later invoice is reconciled for the same vendor.
  • More EDI – Coastal Sunbelt and ProFish – We’ve added EDI support for receiving invoices from Coastal Sunbelt Produce and ProFish.


  • Enhanced Category Management – We’ve made it much easier to add and modify your Categories – now all aspects of managing Categories can be done from a single convenient screen.
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