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After a tough drop in numbers in December I love getting to see a little New Year’s recovery!

Still a long way to go, and definitely expect continued volatility over the next few months, but happy when we get to point to numbers moving the right direction – with bonus points when the bounce seems fairly equally distributed across the categories we look at each week!

As promised last week, here is the link to the webinar I did with Gordon Food Service.

We went through a lot of the details of the stimulus, how it is the same/different from last time and had some really great perspectives on the panel. Hope you find it helpful!

Speaking of the stimulus, as we gear up for the next round would love to hear how your experience is going or how we might be able to help. Generally hearing that this time feels calmer, easier and a little better suited for our industry compared to this summer, but always love hearing how things are going!

And of course you can find the full breakdown below.


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