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December 2023 DMV restaurant sales saw a boost from Christmas diners. 

Both segments ended the month slightly down year-over-year after seeing positive mid-month and Christmas sales. 

Across a seven-day moving average, Fast Casual ended the month at -2% below December 2022 and Full Service ended at -4% down.

Both segments' sales growth peaked on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, with Fast Casual at 23% and Full Service at 20% for both days. This is especially exciting considering that Christmas Eve 2022's growth was already 16% (Full Service) and 14% (Fast Casual) over 2021. 

Delivery sales decreased last month for both the DMV (down to 12%) and nationwide to 11% which is a welcome sight, especially during the colder winter season. Sales trending positively throughout much of the month and deliveries shifting down likely means more people dined in this December and we'll always celebrate that!

So cheers to another year full of hard work, determination and kicking ass! We're feeling optimistic about what New Year's numbers will look like next month, and we'll see you then!

DMV by segement DEC 23_FCDMV by segement DEC 23_FS

DMV deliver DEC 23

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