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February 2024 ended on a high for Fast Casual DMV restaurants

On a seven-day moving average, Full Service ended February -4% down from February 2023, and Fast Casual ended with an impressive +6% growth compared to last year's numbers.

When looking at monthly averages for year over year growth, Fast Casual averaged +3% growth while Full Service came in -2% under February 2023's sales.

Both segments started the month similarly but Full Service saw larger swings around Valentine's Day and towards the end of the month. This year's Valentine's Day week was -3% from last year, although sales did improve during the weekend after, peaking at +4% growth for Full Service. Fast Casual remained more consistent throughout the month.

Delivery sales increased last month for the DMV to 14% while nationwide remained the same as January's numbers.

We're looking forward to March's numbers as the Cherry Blossom Festival, St. Patrick's Day and warmer weather are all on the horizon. We'll see you in April!

DMV by segement FEB 24

DMV deliver FEB 24

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