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Year-over-year DMV restaurant sales for both segments were a treat this October!

No tricks here - once again, Fast Casual and Full Service DMV restaurants ended the month with strong, positive year-over-year growth. 

Across a seven-day moving average, Fast Casual ended the month six percent up from October 2022. Full Service also ended on a high with two percent sales growth, following a very strong start to the month peaking at around seven percent. 

Delivery sales increased last month for the DMV (to 13 percent) and stayed the same nationwide also at 13 percent. 

October was a very strong month for DMV restaurants across segments and was a wonderful way to start the industry's busiest season! We are excited about these numbers and are confidently hopeful they're a good indication of what's to come as we close out the year.

We'll see you in December!

DMV by segement OCT 23

DMV deliver OCT 23

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