You won’t need to hand-enter or code invoices ever again. Not in the restaurant, not in the back office, not in the accounting office.

Eliminate hours of data entry

Let operations teams focus on delivering great food and service, and accounting teams free up time to manage cash-flow and other key reporting.

Food costs now, not later

With continuous invoice processing, plus daily sales from your POS, you get immediate food and beverage costs during the period.

Minimize coding mistakes

Keep items consistently coded – categorize an item once, and it stays that way. Plus, add coding rules by vendor.

Better data, better insights = power boost!

Track price movements that affect you now. See price changes of ingredients, even across vendors. Monitor plate costs with live recipe pricing.

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How does automated invoice processing really work?

MarginEdge talks to your accounting system, so all invoices, receipts, payments and credits flow seamlessly. But you want details, we know. So here’s the scoop:

You snap pictures

  • Use our mobile app, quickly send one invoice or dozens
  • Send us everything – credit memos, petty cash receipts, service bills
  • You can also email items to your own unique email address
  • Store in the cloud for instant, anywhere access to all invoices

We capture and code all line items

  • Hand-written notes and adjustments, no problem
  • We handle all your different file formats . . . jpg, pdf, png etc.
  • We use your GL account codes and your coding rules
  • Vendor item names are translated to real product names you use in the kitchen
  • We capture payment info (ACH, check, credit card or petty cash)

Within 24-48 hours, your invoices are digital

  • All A/P information auto-syncs to your accounting system
  • Review and approve invoices before sending, if desired
  • Use Bill Pay to manage vendor payments, anytime, anywhere
  • Recipes and inventory prices update automatically
  • Integration with your POS means access to live food costs

In Practice

By reducing paperwork and streamlining operations overall, MarginEdge delivers big savings to the Tavern at Ivy City.

What People are Saying

Chris Tracy

Partner, Chef Geoff’s Deluxe Hospitality Group

“With MarginEdge…the amount of time spent on invoice inputting plunged, the accuracy of that data entry went up, and the cost of the processing was lowered immensely.”

Matt G.

Co-Founder, Caboose Brewing Co.

“I can’t imagine not having MarginEdge in our daily routine. The invoice processing component alone saves a huge amount of time and more accurately gets us to our true cost of goods.”

How do we stack up?

Take a look at how we compare to other companies offering automated invoice processing for restaurants.

Feature MarginEdge Other Companies
Upload invoices by app or email
Line items details captured
New vendor items categorized by staff of restaurant veterans
Recipes stay up to date when a product is bought from new vendor
Inventory stays up to date when a product is bought from new vendor
Product price movement visible across vendors
Invoice data combined with POS sales data for budgets and food cost reporting

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